Grief Is Different For Everyone & Our Journey Of Life Is Not The Same

Grief can bring us into an abyss of suffering... or it can take us towards lessons 

we never thought we'd ever understand.

Dealing with loss is different for every individual who experiences its grasp on your reality.

I feel compelled to write this explanation of grief, as not everyone will view death in the same way, nor understand others' reasons for doing what they need to do, to work through their own healing.

I have come to learn that everyone's experience of life is drastically different, and no two lives will bare the same circumstances, or ways to handle the outcomes.

We are all on a path of learning, whether we acknowledge that fact or not.  Some people may make their way through life without ever pondering or reflecting on past situations that could have been altered by the way they responded, or simply by looking at the bigger picture of their own circumstances.  This fact is certainly a frustration for an outside observer, who may be thinking they have the proper solution to someone else's problem.  Let me affirm for you, that you have no idea what the other person truly needs.

We have all been developing throughout our lives, and various scenarios have come into play that is not uniform across society.  Some people will deal with war, some with surviving poverty, while others are thrust into a life raked with abuse, or neglect.  There are so many aspects of growing up in this world, that not one person has the answer to all of the problems, we as humans face.

The only person capable of knowing exactly what you need... is you.

Sometimes, we find it difficult to explore our own personalities, traits, behaviours, or reactions to the situations we face, and we need a guiding hand to get there.  No one will be able to tell you the answers you seek, but they can walk alongside of you, as you uncover the depths of your own understanding.  

Finding out who you really are, or why you do the things you do, or even how to cope with the things that have happened to you, can be a multi-lane highway, where you need some sort of a map to maneuver through the road blocks.

Finding someone you trust with the task of "helping to guide you" can lead you towards healing, no matter what circumstances have shaped who you are today.  We all have the ability of growing into a better version of who we truly are, but it does take some effort to get to your destination.

What works for me in my life, might be very different than what will work for you, but starting on your path of exploration will assist you in finding out the solutions that are coherent with your particular views.  

If you do nothing... years will pass and things will stay the same.  Perhaps it is time to take the first step in your personal staircase, that will lead you towards a different outcome than what you are currently living.

Grief work is imperative when dealing with the loss of loved ones, for if we never delve into our emotions, beliefs, and perspectives, it will be incredibly difficult to wade through the turmoil that the legacy of death leaves us with initially.

Find grief resources to help start on your journey towards healing, HERE.


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