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Our gracious world - don't overlook this!

As I was working away at my desk, my stomach grew a little hungry, so I grabbed a banana.  This seemed like such a simple act that I did on many occasions, as it is quick and easy. Today, while taking a bite out of this banana that was larger than most that I see, it occurred to me that this banana had grown into a luscious fruit, at the hands of our Earth. Did you ever stop to ponder how remarkable our planet is, that it can grow the foods that nourish our bodies? We did not develop any concoction to produce this banana, and yet, here it was in my hand as I savored every bite. It brought such satisfaction, as the taste was perfect, the colour was just right, and it housed so many vital components to my health. Our world has everything we need. We need to protect it... honour it... and give gratitude to its mighty wealth, that we often overlook.  Today, when you are sitting down for a meal, take a moment to be thankful for the foods that our world so graciously gives us - not jus