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A Moment Of Joy... Within The Journey Of Grief

To some, it may not seem possible that one could live through  the loss of a child, and still experience joy...  I have been walking the struggle of grief since 2015, and in some moments I allow my thoughts to wallow in solitude of all that I have lost.  I let my stomach churn at the detriment of the future I must live, without the physical presence of my son... I wilt in desolation at the fading memories of times when my children were young, when the thought of death eluded me.  I had no clue what was in store, as I would have counted my minutes ever so slowly, had I known they would be short-lived with my son.  Eighteen years is a drop in the bucket of life, and every instance I spent with my son seems so obscure now, as the time forces its ugly prey against my mind.  He will forever be alive and content in my heart, even when age washes the details of our encounters ever so slightly as time erodes the miraculous moments we spent together. Not everything I have endur

The Hurtful Things People Say When You're Grieving

... Even the best of intentions are misread by those who are grieving. When the supporters of the grieving just can't get  their words to match what's in their heart... It appears there are many people that are inept at trying to comfort the individuals who are suffering from loss.  There are times that others wish to speed up the process, or just sweep it all under the rug, like the death never happened. If you've been on the receiving end of someone's incapability to be truly empathetic, you may find it difficult to fathom that some people can be so selfish, when you need them the most. Many times, people just don't understand what grievers are going through, and they make comments that one should hurry up and move on, or that focusing on the death of their loved one, is somehow hindering their progress to "get over" grief.  It is unfortunate to be the one who is hurting and have to receive comments like this from their peers and