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Living Your Life Beyond the Mask

Grief can upset the equilibrium of your daily life.  It seems as though some days you are on top of the world and you think to yourself, “I’ve got this!” In the next moment, a wave of self-sabotaging thoughts penetrate every crevasse of your mind and all you want to do is slink down into a pile of self loathing mud.  It’s strange how we even survive sometimes.   I have the faith of a bull moose when it comes to believing in the afterlife but the ongoing pain of missing someone so terribly can be overwhelming.  What I wouldn’t give to just have things back to normal, the way they used to be.  You know, the time when you thought you had problems.  Whew!  Those issues don’t even come close to the devastation your heart feels when someone is literally ripped out of your life.  You try to imagine how things would be different if they were just here and after this ordeal of living with grief, there isn’t much that you can’t handle.  All other problems seem like small barriers to living