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Learning to Forgive by The Solution Wizard

If you find yourself stuck behind a wall of negativity and can't break free, your emotional choices may at the root of your continued anguish. Self-defeating tendencies, and rigid thought patterns can keep you encased by mental barricades, without you consciously understanding what is causing your blockage. When exploring the characteristics you possess on an internal level, we can begin to unravel the emotional turmoil, and gain an understanding of what is stored in your unconscious mind that is halting your progression, from entering a more peaceful frame of mind. If you are challenged with excessive thoughts, or feelings of anger, resentments, or bitterness, and have the tendency to carry grudges and hold onto negative thought patterns, Neuro Linguistic Programming can assist you in breaking free from those debilitating states. This course will explore your patterns and behaviors, to discover what is holding you back from offering forgiveness to those people or situat

Responsibilities as a Parent - The Quest for Happiness in 30 Days or Les...

As social responsibility is at the forefront of our lives, it starts with us at home. Let love flow into your lives during this time of crisis. Free Previews for The Quest for Happiness in 30 Days or Less