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Dreams That Feel Real Beyond The Veil Of Sleep

I had the most lingering, fantastic dream last night that woke me up begging for more. Just before falling asleep, I felt Logan's presence as I have a lot this week.  It's like he has been needing his Mom lately and was trying to get my attention. I acknowledged his presence and told him I would try to reach out more often, as I have been pretty pre-occupied recently. Just before closing my eyes, I told him to visit me in my dreams. At some point in the night, I dreamed I was at the theater watching a movie with my parents and my daughter. When the movie was over and we were walking towards the exit, I said, " Where's Logan ?" I scanned the crowded theater and just then I saw him standing with a lady on the other side of the centre seats, as if she had been waiting with him until we had found him.  He was wearing a yellow t-shirt and he looked young - maybe in grade 5? When he spotted us, a big grin washed over his face and he ran over to us and directly into my a