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Keeping busy in the Afterlife

Two years ago, I lost my eighteen year old son in a vehicle collision.  My world was completely devastated and over the past couple of years, I have delved into reading everything I could about the Afterlife.  Earlier this year, a couple of family members went to a medium and my son came through without fail.  A bunch of us have visited this lady in the past two years and she didn't know any of us were connected to each other and my son came through every single reading.  She definitely has a gift and I am convinced she is legit by all the things she could not have known otherwise. I was thinking about something she relayed to my sister during her reading this past spring.  She said that my son told her that it wasn't that he didn't like being in spirit world but he still really wished he was living here with us.  She said he was acclimating into spirit world just fine.  Today, I pondered what that statement truly meant.  It's like when you are so caught up in a

You are a miracle!

Did you ever stop to think how amazing the human body is?  You are one of God's greatest creations.  I don't know why this hit me this morning but as I passed by the mirror in the bathroom, I glanced at my reflection but then I stopped dead in my tracks.  I gazed into the mirror and my eyes looked back at me. I thought to myself, 'my goodness, humans are so intricately put together'.  Then I began to study all the capabilities that I have and I don't spend a moment thinking about how it all works.  I can hear 360 degrees around me, I can see my surroundings through these eyes and my brain sends signals every moment to all parts of my internal body - it relays how to wash my hands, to walk, to scratch my nose and above all else, to remember to breathe - this is all accomplished AUTOMATICALLY! What a grand design to think of every function our human bodies are undergoing at every moment of the day.  We can feel emotions, we can analyze situations and express dee

"It's Just a Body, Mom" and how this relates to ACIM

Earlier this year, I began studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and today's lesson seems to speak to me directly.  When I began keeping a journal after my son's passing (Butterfly Kisses From Beyond - Signs From My Son in Heaven), there was an entry when I connected with my son that sticks out in my mind.  It was a mental impression that I received from him that stated, "It's Just a Body, Mom."  At that moment, I felt like my son no longer had a use for his physical body and he was letting me know that I was clinging to the 'physical' aspect of my son, rather than the true essence of him that was still very much alive.  You can read more in the full book by visiting but I wanted to share the lesson that is written in ACIM that was emailed to me today, as it seems to be relating to this very topic.  Excerpt from ACIM - A Course in Miracles It reads: Lesson 294 My Body Is A Wholly Neutral Thing. I am a Son of Go

Signs from Heaven - A True Gift

How many times have you come across a "coincidence" and you've wondered whether you were reading too much into this so-called  sign from beyond ?  Since my son's passing in 2015, I've experienced so many of these  chance happenings  that it appears to me there is more going on in this universe than we are led to believe.  Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they allow into their repertoire of consciousness and perhaps I am more open than the average individual that doesn't ponder such questioning instances?  I strongly feel that once we shed our physical bodies, our spirit will continue to remain and exist in another dimension that resonates in a different frequency.  This could be the reason why contact with the spirit world is so difficult.  Our world is bustling with activity that takes our attention away from any perplexing ideas which require contemplation.  We busy ourselves with television, computers and responsibilities betw