The Signs From Cardinals

During a recent visit to see family, we headed out of town and just as we turned onto the highway, a bright red cardinal jetted across the road right in front of us.  This was not the first time that I had seen a cardinal do this, and so I made a comment wondering if this was something cardinals normally do, or if they just really wanted to be noticed?  I mentioned that perhaps my son was accompanying us to see his loved ones, and that is why this bird gained our attention?

A couple hours into our drive, we arrived at my parent's home, and immediately upon walking to their door, a song emanated from the tree branches.  I was familiar with the melody and my eyes scanned the tree limbs trying to catch a glimpse of our friend.  He kept singing, and just then, I noticed him in brilliant red sitting upon a limb.  I smiled and said to my partner, "Okay, Logan must be with us, as there's another cardinal!"

Later that afternoon, after stopping at my daughter's home, her and I were on our way into the shop, when another tune echoed from the large tree hanging above the garage.  I looked up to notice the third cardinal of the day, in three separate locations, and I was sure my son's spirit was gaining our attention again.

When I see a bright red cardinal, I immediately think of my son, as this bird has been a unique feature of how nature has connected with me throughout the past number of years.  In this instance, I had no choice but to notice his beautiful song, and colour that reminded me my son would not miss a visit with his family, even if death had been a barrier for him to attend in person.  The cardinal reminds me that there is a world alongside of ours that is only separated by a very thin veil.

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