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Why Do We Exist? Humans Have Been Asking This For Centuries.

 It is an interesting question to ponder... our reason for being here. Do you have any inclination as to why you are undergoing the challenges of life? It appears on the surface that we are immersed in this thing called life, so we can explore our paths and opportunities, but perhaps there is more to the story? If we were living this life for no apparent reason, it would seem a little mundane and bothersome to experience turmoil, suffering, and emotional upheaval.  If that isn't the case, then why are we here? In my opinion, we are trying to learn something.  A variety of studies have been placed before us, and no two individuals will receive the same curriculum.  If I have already experienced one particular lesson, then there would be no need to repeat it (unless of course, I failed in my attempt at successfully learning the point of the situation). We must remember that others may undergo lessons similar to ours, but in no way is our test paper equivalent to the answers they woul

Your New Identity As A Bereaved Mother

 After the death of a child, the world views you in a different light. The sorrow that surrounds the looks from other parents don't go unnoticed.  After joining the bereaved parents' club against my will, I noticed that people began to look at me differently.  It was like you could feel their sympathy at every encounter for the pain they knew I was enduring. I believe Emily Graham explained this best when she wrote the following: All eyes on me… wondering how I could possibly go on when they knew there was no way they could.  Time slowly passes. I’m known as the mom whose kid died.  There’s an awkwardness in our interactions – like you’re afraid it’s something you can catch.  I assure you it’s not. You’re not sure what to say. It seems the most comfortable thing to do is pretend nothing happened.  Yet, that doesn’t really work either.  I still feel all eyes on me.  When will she go back to normal? They say you should never let your loss define you. But, I am a bereaved mother.