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The Signs From Cardinals

During a recent visit to see family, we headed out of town and just as we turned onto the highway, a bright red cardinal jetted across the road right in front of us.  This was not the first time that I had seen a cardinal do this, and so I made a comment wondering if this was something cardinals normally do, or if they just really wanted to be noticed?  I mentioned that perhaps my son was accompanying us to see his loved ones, and that is why this bird gained our attention? A couple hours into our drive, we arrived at my parent's home, and immediately upon walking to their door, a song emanated from the tree branches.  I was familiar with the melody and my eyes scanned the tree limbs trying to catch a glimpse of our friend.  He kept singing, and just then, I noticed him in brilliant red sitting upon a limb.  I smiled and said to my partner, "Okay, Logan must be with us, as there's another cardinal!" Later that afternoon, after stopping at my daughter's home, her a

The Power Of Spiritual Connection

  Tonight I tried to connect with Logan, as I’ve been feeling a little down lately during this isolated lock down away from all my family. I sat down at the desk in my office and I looked into my son’s eyes via the photo that sits beside my computer.   As usual, when I call him, he comes, as his thoughts penetrate mine. I told my son how much I missed him and in response, he said, “Mom, close your eyes.” Almost immediately, I began to see textures and faint colours within the darkness of my mind’s eye, and I scanned the scene to try to make out what I was seeing.   Shapes began to form, and I could see that I was travelling down a long pathway that was cutting through the tree line.   It swept and swerved, back and forth for a long time, and at one point, I almost lost my concentration which would have broken the connection.   I heard my son’s voice say, “Just keep going, Mom” within my mind’s thoughts, so I regained my focus and the path continued. I began to see some bluish