The Power Of Spiritual Connection


Tonight I tried to connect with Logan, as I’ve been feeling a little down lately during this isolated lock down away from all my family.

I sat down at the desk in my office and I looked into my son’s eyes via the photo that sits beside my computer.  As usual, when I call him, he comes, as his thoughts penetrate mine.

I told my son how much I missed him and in response, he said, “Mom, close your eyes.”

Almost immediately, I began to see textures and faint colours within the darkness of my mind’s eye, and I scanned the scene to try to make out what I was seeing.  Shapes began to form, and I could see that I was travelling down a long pathway that was cutting through the tree line.  It swept and swerved, back and forth for a long time, and at one point, I almost lost my concentration which would have broken the connection. 

I heard my son’s voice say, “Just keep going, Mom” within my mind’s thoughts, so I regained my focus and the path continued.

I began to see some bluish, purple colour within the context of my imagination, and then I floated above the landscape, as I was getting an aerial view of the land below.  I could see field lines, and some properties that littered an otherwise vacant plot of land.  As I came closer, I began to see a house that looked well-kept and you could feel the pride emanating from its perimeter.  I was sure this was my son’s new home, but we didn’t go in.

Instead, I kept being compelled onwards and as a rippling brook appeared, I was completed overwhelmed with a sense of peace and calmness.  I felt all my tension beginning to release that had first brought me to seek out my son.  I could feel a smile spreading across my lips, as it felt like he was indeed here for me in this moment.

We came to a spot by the water, with a small protruding dock gaining its way to the water’s edge, and I heard Logan tell me to look down.  I stared over the wooden deck and saw my reflection in the water below.  I refocused my internal eyes, and then I saw his face move into view beside me.

He explained that this is where he comes when he wants to think about me.

The love inside my heart began to bellow out of me, and in this exact moment, I knew all was okay and we were still tied together by our souls.

I smiled profusely at the thought of what just happened, and I slowly opened my eyes.

Just as I was finding my presence back into my current reality, a commercial in the other room caught my attention.  The song, “Dream, dream, dream when I’m with you… whenever I want to, all I have to do is dream.” 

The lyrics echoed in my mind, as I realized my son’s message had been received, loud and clear.

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