Dreams That Feel Real Beyond The Veil Of Sleep

I had the most lingering, fantastic dream last night that woke me up begging for more.

Just before falling asleep, I felt Logan's presence as I have a lot this week.  It's like he has been needing his Mom lately and was trying to get my attention.

I acknowledged his presence and told him I would try to reach out more often, as I have been pretty pre-occupied recently.

Just before closing my eyes, I told him to visit me in my dreams.

At some point in the night, I dreamed I was at the theater watching a movie with my parents and my daughter. When the movie was over and we were walking towards the exit, I said, "Where's Logan?"

I scanned the crowded theater and just then I saw him standing with a lady on the other side of the centre seats, as if she had been waiting with him until we had found him.  He was wearing a yellow t-shirt and he looked young - maybe in grade 5?

When he spotted us, a big grin washed over his face and he ran over to us and directly into my arms.

I was hugging him so tight and he was so short that I could hold him close and surround him in a loving embrace.

Our hug lingered and love poured out of both of us, as we were ecstatic to see each other.  

(I am smiling now, just recalling the memory of my dream... and my heart is overflowing with gratitude that we shared this encounter.)

I began to wake up and I was grasping to get back into my dream...

... but it is okay...

He and I shared a beautiful moment beyond the veil that has made me remember how our love will never die.


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